Your Home: The money pit vs. the wealth builder

The Money Pit:

When I bought my first home in 1967, I was of the opinion that owning a home was the one asset that everyone endeavored to obtain because it was a good investment. At that point in time, the idea of not making a profit from real estate was almost unheard of. Times have changed.

It’s not just markets, failing economies, or upkeep that makes a home less than a desirable investment. If you analyze the true cost of owning a home and factor in inflation, it may prove to be one of your worst investments.

There could be an alternative in the near future. Building OsumPODS will change the idea of owning a home because you will be purchasing sustainability, not a money pit. How is that possible?

A conventional home requires utilities, maintenance, and a lifetime of insurance. These costs are mostly unavoidable, and will probably escalate over the life of your home. These costs do not build assets, so it’s like burning money. Even if your home is worth more when you sell it, if you calculate the cost of inflation, improvements (sweat equity), and maintenance, in all likelihood you’ll be losing money.

The case for owning a home isn’t all negative. If you don’t own a home you are probably renting, and unless you’re getting one hell of a deal so you can invest money elsewhere, then owing a home has some advantages over renting since our dear government allows us to deduct interest.

The wealth builder:

Why not invest in OsumPODS where all of your money will create a true asset? Let’s assume you build a unishell superstructure. Such structures will be autonomous from utilities. You will own your own energy production and storage system, water collection and filtration system, plus your semi-biospheric environment will utilize plants to grow food and help oxygenate your living quarters.

Unishell superstructures will be designed to last for thousands of years. Unishells will be extremely low maintenance, and without plumbing or hidden wiring, will be simple to upgrade. Plumbing fixtures will be self-contained and independent. Modular walls and components will make it possible to modify floor plans as simply as rearranging furniture.

Unishell superstructures will be designed to withstand earthquakes, float in floods, and survive firestorms, tornados, and hurricanes. They will be so safe that there will be no need to throw money away on hazard insurance.

Although OsumPODS value will still be subject to markets and inflation, their real worth will be in their ability to keep you alive, safe, and comfortable in conditions where conventional homes may be destroyed or become virtually worthless.

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