Thanks for visiting Sustainable Independence in Eco-friendly OsumPODS (Optimal sustainable unishell modular Perpetually Operable Detached Superstructures). This site is dedicated to saving Earth and building a better tomorrow for all of Earth’s creatures, man included. This site is for the non-conformist who believes that the future of our species will depend upon independence from mass infrastructure, global trade, mass consumerism, social welfare, insurance, and government solutions for everything. OsumPODS is a conceptual solution for providing autonomy for everyone, thus allowing freedom from the worries of be being dependent upon money and commerce in general, not that money or commerce would be completely eliminated. Humans after all are social animals, most of whom are more content to specialize and trade their services for those things they don’t wish to do.

Building off-grid superstructures that will create sustainable autonomous communities is vital for the future of the human species. If perhaps you believe that humanity is right on track, then this blog probably isn’t for you. However, if you believe humanity as a whole is on the wrong track and headed for disaster, then you might want to stick around.

Comments are generally uncensored and I will post them unless I’m concerned they are spam, but if I feel they are inappropriate, into the trash they go. Please feel free to be as nonsensical in posting as you care to be, remembering that your words will be in public view, and I will have the last say. I would of course rather forward this cause with thought provoking debate, for debate is essential for reaching practical solutions. I like to believe that logic is my sword, and truth is my beacon.

I spend a good deal of my time researching practical solutions to rid humanity of the ills of undisciplined government, the waste and instability of mass infrastructure, the risk of collapsing world economies and big business, the destruction of our environment, the extinction of other species, and last but not least, the baggage we refuse to discard from past generations. I promote a bottoms up approach to solving these problems, for if we leave our future up to big government, I predict that our problems will only get worse.

Only by securing individual survival and independence will we assure the perpetuation of our species. At this point you may rightly ask how OsumPODS will be the solution. First remember that the production of OsumPODS is not some pie in the sky dream that can only come about with revolutionary breakthroughs. Most of what I envision can be built today with the materials and technologies we already have.

Perhaps the best way to describe OsumPODS is by forecasting the probable advantages of building autonomous superstructures, designed to resist the forces of nature, produce and store their own energy, produce excess energy to power personal transportation, filtrate and recirculate air and water, and supplement food production. By spray casting unishell modules with robots to create pods, and by engineering such structures to rest on slip-plane foundations, it is conceivable that future buildings can be built strong and safe enough to not require hazard insurance. In fact, such structures will be the safest place to be in the event of an earthquake, flood, tornado, hurricane, firestorm, or any other natural disaster. Certainly there is no guarantee such structures could survive erupting volcanoes, asteroid impacts, or atomic explosions, but OsumPODS would still be a better investment than purchasing promissory insurance if it were even available for so called acts of God or the ravages of war.

When we look to the future we must question what are the biggest stumbling blocks to get there? If you think creating jobs and having booming economies will be our salvation, you may have a rude awakening. There is far more at stake here than the perpetuation of consumerism. In reality, humans have little to fear in this world beyond other humans. In other words, what we have to fear most is over population and irrational thought that is often advanced through education, religions, and propaganda. Anyone that has an agenda, or something to sell is guilty of self-promotion. I am no different except in my goals. I’m not here to save your soul or promise you healthcare or a retirement income. I’m here to tell you that we better create our heaven here on Earth, for there is no guarantee that one exists elsewhere. I am here to tell you that a healthy environment will do more for your longevity than Obamacare. I’m here to tell you that OsumPODS can potentially make you independent so you don’t have to fret retirement. It certainly isn’t as simple as that, but in today’s complex world, autonomy is a far simpler concept to grasp and implement than the collectivists tactics used by government. Building OsumPODS is a bottoms-up solution to secure man’s freedom and give man hope for the future.

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Michael Atman

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