US negative rating well deserved

Does it amaze anyone that Standard & Poor’s downgraded the United States to a negative rating, or that the White House was incensed? We have a runaway government that is about to pay the piper.

Personally, I have been warning friends and family for years that the instability of a global economy, the imbalance of trade, and the spendthrift ways of congress would lead this nation to ruin.

Right now the world is gambling that things aren’t as bad as they look, and some miracle will right all the wrongs and get humanity back on track. At the same time there are those who believe this is all preordained, and we are nothing but pawns being readied for slaughter. What a wonderful world we live in.

We treat this like news. It’s on the radio and the front of papers, and of course Wall Street plummets. What a bunch of jerks. Never mind, there are plenty who will profit, and your broker will sadly say, well that’s the market and I explained the risk.

This is the hurdle we have to get over. Blame it on the government, the banks, or whomever you want to. It isn’t going to go away. This is business. This is the way the government uses its power, and be aware that too much protesting will not be tolerated, not even in our so-called free society.

How are we at risk? Run-away inflation is one concern. Markets will adjust to that of course, but few of us will come out unscathed. Remember, we are dependent. Electrical energy, fuel for cars, water districts, food distribution, and most everything else comes under the scrutiny of government. Even if you live on a farm you’ll find it hard to survive without these necessities.

Is there time to build OsumPODS? It’s hard to say. Give people their independence and none of this matters. Build superstructures that avoid risk and don’t require hazard insurance, that generate and store energy, supply food and water, and create sustainable environments, and all of a sudden it doesn’t really matter if money is worthless, or China will no longer finance our folly. There are ways to a better tomorrow.


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