The OsumPODS Concept (part 2)

Building umPODS:

Unishell construction utilizing high strength durable concrete will undoubtedly create new challenges to the building industry. Whether such structures are formed using conventional forming systems or more likely robotics will have little to do with the end product, but may be a determining factor in the affordability of the end product. One of the basic advantages of producing unishells in modular configurations is to eliminate the inefficiencies inherent in stick built construction. In such a design, there will be no framing, insulating, wiring, plumbing, sheeting, stucco, siding, brick, facia, gutters, shingles, or a multitude of other products used in the construction of stick built homes. Unishells will be cast with an insulating material embedded between an exterior and interior shell that will form the floors, walls and ceiling on the inside, and the hull, walls, and roof on the outside. It is conceivable that such a process will produce a modular unit in a single day with windows and points of ingress and egress cast in the process.

The OsumPODS concept of producing modular designs is to eliminate the need to custom design, which is typical of much of construction today. Floor plans, roof plans, foundations, and the integration of components become a factor and hence an added expense in the construction of all types of structures. The flexibility of modular interior walls in OsumPODS construction, which can be configured into near limitless layouts, will make these structures adaptable to many needs and easy to customize.

Although there will be advantages to creating modules such as the hexagonal design pictured in this blog, the OsumPODS concept need not be constrained to such geometric layouts. However, such geometric shapes can have many advantages in the modular approach to affordable construction.

Threatening Technologies:

Whenever technological advancements threaten existing businesses, it is inevitable that there will be pressure applied to slow or kill the concept. The electric car is a case in point. Saving the planet, or making individuals more independent are of little concern if a better idea threatens the commerce of existing corporations. Those in power have no problem in exerting their will to stay on top. It is not beyond powerful corporations to buyout or destroy their competitors.

Building OsumPODS will not only threaten existing businesses, it will diminish the role of government in commerce. Such independence will lessen the need for capitol and material goods, which will in turn lessen the need for income and the potential for government to collect tax revenues. It is a concept that puts more power in the hands of individuals. It is therefore important to build a grassroots following that can recognize the advantage and advance the cause. Knowing that infallible logic can produce a sustainable existence is the first step in attaining the goal. Defining the goal with infallible logic is the first step in building OsumPODS.

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