The OsumPODS Concept (part 1)

Design Concept:

Imagine a structure that is nearly indestructible and impenetrable. Imagine a structure that rests on a slip plane foundation that allows the house to remain motionless and undamaged in an earthquake, or float in a restrained position in case of a flood or a surge from a tsunami. Unishell superstructures will be designed to resist the power of a tornado, or the intense heat of a firestorm, thus will be designed to be insurance proof.

Imagine a structure that doesn’t have plumbing. Instead it has self-contained fixtures that recirculate a finite amount of water indefinitely. Accumulated waste will be dried to a powder and used for fertilizer. Rainwater will be collected from roofs to replace the small amount of water that is actually consumed.

All electrical energy will be produced from solar or wind power, and by design modular components will be integrated into engineered cavities. Electrical energy will be stored in a kinetic flywheel storage system that is 99+% efficient and will conceivably last the life of the structure, which may exceed several thousand years. Power will be distributed in channelized tracks that run on the interior of exterior walls. Modular interior walls will plug into and transfer power wherever it’s needed. Climate control and lighting will be modular components in the modular walls. No mechanical, electrical, or plumbing component will be buried in the unishell structure, thus there will never be demolition to modify or upgrade systems or components.

Unishell superstructures will be designed to produce an excess amount of energy that can be used for electric powered transportation. As long as your commutes are within the range of your vehicle, you will never have to purchase fuel to power your vehicle.

The OsumPODS concept will incorporate bioengineering to help balance the ecosystem within each structure. The benefits will be oxygenated air and supplemental food such as fresh fruits and vegetables if desired. The unishell will create a barrier to outside pollutants and pollens, plus affording reasonable protection from chemical and biological warfare.

Engineering and building modular unishells to accommodate such technological advancements as freestanding plumbing fixtures and modular power and storage systems is a matter of engineering and developing the structural design of the modular concept to form an integral unit or unishell. Until such technologies are developed and competitive components come to market, existing technologies can be used in the interim, and although it may take years to develop some components to perform to the standards set forth in this concept, the advantage to building with this approach is that structures can be upgraded for the cost of the component alone. There will be no additional wiring or plumbing to run, or excessive amounts of labor to modify the structure.

The cost of owning a home or any structure goes far beyond the market price or the mortgage. Owning property is a lifetime commitment to utility bills, maintenance, insurance, and taxes. What if it wasn’t? What if once your mortgage was paid you were free and clear from any expense related to your home forever? Although there are many technological and building innovations to accomplish, plus revamping some tax codes, that is the ultimate goal of OsumPODS. Financial independence will only be part of the benefit of Optimal sustainable unishell modular Perpetually Operable Detached Superstructures designed to survive insurable perils.

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