The “Fiscal Cliff”

Typical of our government, last hour negotiations are in progress to prevent us going over the fiscal cliff. This is the perception that Obama wants us to swallow, and that Republicans are being obstructionists as usual. The reality is we’re already over the cliff. The question is how soon will we hit bottom?

Had Romney acquired the presidency, there would have been some hope of slowing the fall, some sort of parachute, and we all could all have breathed a little easier. With Obama driving the bus, Obamacare is going to be the straw that breaks the camels back. We already have more debt than we can manage.

Stepping off the bus in midair is going to be a little difficult. About all we can do is prepare for the crash. This is out of the hands of any politician, and nothing is going to fix the problem short of trashing the system we have and starting over like other nations have done in the past. Perhaps those in the know are already prepared to go underground to watch the inevitable catastrophe.

For many, there is almost nothing that can be done short of buying guns and stocking barracks. Most people won’t take any precaution. We have a nation that refuses to accept that we are bankrupt.

For those with savings, especially stocks and bonds and cash in general, most of that will be gone over night. The grid will fail, which will mean all utilities will fail, and you won’t even be able to pump gas for your vehicles. Food will no longer make it to your grocery store.

Autonomy is the only way to prepare. Communities must have the means to produce the essentials. Individual homes must have their own supply of energy and water. Getting enough food not to starve will be almost impossible for those that don’t have something to trade.

Given time, a fair majority of the world could be prepared if we gave individuals the tools to create their independence. Building OsumPODS or some type of autonomous structures is the only insurance that will remain tangible in disaster situations. The best way to avoid the crash of the fiscal cliff is to be prepared, and the best way to be prepared is to be truly independent.

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