The Demise of the Republican Party

You can always hope people have more sense, but they don’t. If you warn them the economy is going to crash, and the United States is going to go bankrupt, most, especially Democrats, say in whose lifetime.

Right now politics is all about what’s in it for me. Obama is the guy giving away cell phones and food stamps. Are people really that shallow and stupid?

With sixteen trillion in debt, when does anyone think we’ll start paying anything back? If we reach twenty trillion in debt by the end of Obama’s term, we will barely be able to pay the interest.

So, what’s wrong with the Republican Party that they can’t beat a socialist like Obama? Well, they’re adamant there is no global warming, and that man has nothing to do with climate change. Anyone with half a brain knows better. Man has an impact on everything, and the rate of destruction of our environment is increasing exponentially just like population growth.  Certainly the Democrats overstate their case all the time, and come up with such stupid schemes as carbon taxes, but that’s okay because they care about the environment and Republicans don’t. The truth is Republicans do care about the environment, but no one would know that because they put business and jobs above the environment. Republicans don’t have the sense to find real solutions and expose the ethanol business that has no place at the gas pump, or the crazy solar and wind energy businesses that have no place in the electrical grid. Wind and solar energy need to supply individuals. There is no efficiency in the grid, and wind and solar are only making the grid harder to manage.

What else is wrong with the Republican Party? I’m a strong conservative and believe in less government, but the Republicans can’t even be conservative. George Bush could have been a Democrat the way he ran the oval office. And then they ran Mitt Romney who seemed a hell of a lot better than Obama, but fell way short of the mark for true conservatives.

If that isn’t bad enough, you have a big percentage of the Republican Party that is anything but tolerant about individual preferences. Although I agree abortion is a terrible choice for contraception, there are plenty of times we condone murder in our society. Christians have murdered throughout history, and they have no problem condemning everyone else to hell that doesn’t fall into their narrow-minded beliefs. Leave the gays alone for Christ’s sake. They have the same right to pursue happiness as anyone else.

Another big issue is immigration. Although we should do much more to prevent people from entering the country illegally, we should open our arms to people who really want to be here and contribute to society. As the Hispanic population grows, we only inflame hate by looking at them as intruders. What we should be doing is saying if you really want to be here, then learn the English language and pay your share of taxes and you’re welcome to stay. Hispanics are proud and hard working people that are far less likely to end up on welfare if they aren’t treated like second-class citizens or criminals. Treat them like trash and they have no problem taking advantage of the welfare system.

A big issue from my point of view is the trade deficit. We as Americans used to produce everything. Today, you can hardly buy shoes or clothes that are produced in this country. Why? The logic is that it makes more sense to use cheap labor in other countries while we increasingly put more people on the unemployment rolls. The fact is, with American ingenuity, we could easily build new highly automated factories and once again produce those items here, and we should. With our growing debt to other countries, a day will come when they are going to demand payment in something besides what is becoming worthless paper money. Because Republicans cater to business, our chances of creating new businesses at home are much better with a Republican congress and President. Unfortunately, this country may never recover from the debt it now carries, and the 2012 election may have been that last chance to stave off disaster.

Does it make any sense to put our faith in a dying political party? I doubt the Libertarians can ever gain enough power to end the reign of the party that bought America’s soul with food stamps, cell phones, and government jobs. The Democrats now own the majority of voters, although they can’t alway entice them to the polls even with all of their handouts. If the Republican Party dies, everyone will pay the price for the Democrats lust for power. Only when the whole thing collapses and we end up like half of Europe, will anyone admit that we’ve made bad choices. Even then, there will be those that will wait in line for the handouts.

Government will never offer its citizenry true independence. True independence will come when people can survive without government. Technology can take us there if we make autonomy a goal and do away with mass infrastructure. We can build OsumPODS and gain that security.

We can always hope the country will wake up before it’s too late, but it seems that is a pipe dream. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are likely to change, so perhaps it is inevitable that this country must fail along with the Grand Old Party, so that those with dreams of freedom can have a new beginning in the rubble of a fleeced society.

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