Solar, Hail and the Insurance Issue

Although manufacturers of solar panels will tout the durability of their product, the fact is that hail can damage the toughest roofs, and will no doubt damage the toughest solar panels. Building structures that won’t require any insurance will be a challenge, and even if OsumPODS become virtually insurance proof, people will no doubt be compelled to buy insurance because the insurance companies will make it sound like the rational thing to do. If OsumPODS are nearly indestructible, then insuring them should be much more affordable, and since people will be compelled to buy liability anyway, there will no doubt be a product out there that will be hard to resist.

OsumPODS 6-15

True independence will be hard to come by as long as people are insecure about self insuring. Because we can lose our assets due to some unforeseeable misfortune, people will always be compelled to protect those assets rather than gamble. This is what makes things like Obamacare popular, even though its a fiasco. The fact of the matter is that when disasters come along like floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and tornados, it just makes sense for the government to step up to plate and play the compassionate savior. If they didn’t there would be a great outcry.


We have a long way to go in our society to ever be weaned from the tit of government. Nothing pleases a congressman more than getting to play Santa.

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