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  • 7th Oct 16

    Rev-Tec 2000 Kinetic UPS Backup

    REV-TEC 2000 UPS Kinetic Backup with Surge Protection No battery Won’t ever wear out!...

  • 19th Jun 15

    The Future Shaper

    The grid is disabled, the world goes to war, and nuclear fallout makes parts...

  • 19th Jun 15

    The Future Teller

    The world is in crisis. This may not be evident, because time seems to...

  • 17th Jun 15


    Thanks for visiting Sustainable Independence in Eco-friendly OsumPODS (Optimal sustainable unishell modular Perpetually Operable...

  • 4th Jun 15

    Solar, Hail and the Insurance Issue

    Although manufacturers of solar panels will tout the durability of their product, the fact...

  • 26th May 15

    Ultimate Questions

    The fact that religions can be so shamelessly dishonest, so contemptuous of the intelligence of their adherents, and still flourish does not speak very well for the tough-mindedness of the believers. But it does indicate, if a demonstration were needed, that near the core of the religious experience is something remarkably resistant to rational inquiry. Carl Sagan

  • 26th May 15

    Megan McCarthy

    “Betrayed” Relaxing Piano

  • 26th May 15

    The Advantages of Modular Construction

    The construction industry is a model of inefficiency, constantly going through the bidding process...