Rev-Tec 2000 Kinetic UPS Backup

2000 UPS Kinetic Backup
with Surge Protection

No battery
Won’t ever wear out!
100 Year Guarantee
2000 VA
AC 120 V 1000 W
Outlet Connections 16
Up to 2hrs. with full rated load

This is a concept UPS built with a kinetic flywheel. There is no battery. 120V AC supply revs the flywheel. During energy interruption power is drawn off of the kinetic flywheel. There are no bearings so the unit is near 100% efficient.

The technology already exists. It was developed by NASA. You might ask why such products aren’t available. Even if a unit such as this cost ten times as much as a comparable battery unit, it would pay for itself many times over in the life of the product, plus it would be 100% reliable.

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