In recent years I have pondered our constitution, and as thoughtful and strong a document as it is, it’s apparent it didn’t go far enough. Our forefathers weren’t perceptive enough to realize that our system of government had fundamental flaws that could allow this country to eventually become a dictatorship. That’s where we are headed.

How do we potentially become a dictatorship you may ask? The answer is when you have a two party system, and one party buys the support of more than half of the voting populace, then we in essence become a one party system. The pendulum continues to swing, and is likely to swing toward the Republicans for awhile since so many people are fed up with the economy, but it is obvious the Democrats are getting very close to accomplishing this goal, which may not be an intentional goal, but an end result nevertheless.

All my adult life, I have been an independent businessman. For me the problem is obvious. There has to be a balance of producers to those who feed off of what producers make. No one expects everyone to be a producer, but once you have a handful of people supporting everyone else, then the producers no longer have enough of a voice in government.

How can we have any balance in this country when teachers get their salary from the government, and most have a liberal agenda, which they pass on to the next generation? How can we have a balance when labor unions support one party? How can we have a balance when recipients of government handouts know who is giving the handout?

Here is the problem. Assume a father is the sole provider for a family. He is somehow obligated to give everyone an allowance. His family grows. Soon he has no choice but to lower everyone’s allowance, but his liberal wife won’t hear of it. He goes into debt. Does that sound familiar? How far will this country go into debt to satisfy the demands of a dependent populace?

We as a nation are about to self-destruct. It’s easy enough for big corporations to simply move their headquarters to more favorable climates. The independently wealthy usually could care less, and often have no grasp on reality. The rest of us face civil war or possible starvation. It will only be through technological independence that individuals will be able to survive, and few are currently seeking answers to gain that kind of freedom. That is why it’s time to start building OsumPODS. Governments fail. History proves it.

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