Outlook for the Future: The vulnerability of our political and technological shortsightedness and the most probable outcome

Destruction or Prosperity

Because of human nature, people accept the status quo and go on as if there is some guarantee that life will get better. As long as the lights come on and there is food on the table, it’s easy enough to ignore the fact that we are depleting our natural resources, polluting the world, and going bankrupt in spite of the rape of the environment. The problems are extremely complex because they are both political and technological.

In the political spectrum it is easy enough to take sides and believe that one party has better solutions to our problems and cares more about the outcome. In America, it is the duty of the electorate to decide what is most important to them, and thus the majority rule, often with little consideration to where our system is headed. Although there is concern about debt and unemployment, as long as the government keeps bailing people out, the majority remains satisfied.

Perhaps it is inevitable that countries fail, or at least reinvent themselves when their governments become too corrupt and debt ridden to survive. As long as we have politicians, governments will be vulnerable to corruption. Politicians can’t win elections if they don’t make promises, and the problem with making promises is that the public has to foot the bill. Given time the debt becomes unmanageable.

Popularity is a poor qualification for doing a good job as a legislator, but popularity still wins elections, thus politicians pander to their constituents, and political machines exploit the system to win over factions of the population for their vote. With the vast majority of Blacks, Latinos, welfare and food stamp recipients, government employees except for the military, Jews, Hollywood, college students, and labor union workers all in the Democrats pockets, the left has nearly secured winning more than it’s share of future elections. It appears that the ranks of these factions will continue to grow as Democrats create more worthless government jobs and bamboozle those that don’t care enough to question the fiscal mess or the ruse.

All Democrats need is for someone that can play the part to their advantage. Obama is a case in point. He is charismatic and knows how to use a teleprompter, and people buy into his rehearsed rhetoric, which changes to placate any given audience. Unfortunately, the people least capable of producing and least likely to evaluate the consequences of emboldening a power monger such as Obama are his most loyal supporters. They are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

Although Republicans are much more focused on the economic stability of the nation, they miss the boat by pandering to the producers and not paying attention to the voice of the public. Republicans use their moral high ground like they have a monopoly on values, and treat anyone with different views like trash. Is it any wonder the GOP is failing?

Although both political parties pander to voters, when it comes time for business, politicians gravitate to the money. As long as big business is allowed to lobby, Washington will bend to their wishes. Big corporations have a goal of increasing their profits, and unfortunately, congress is ill equipped to make the best choices for the future if they are being bribed. Although business as a whole has too few scruples when it comes to making money, they are undeservedly more distrusted than congress. Strangely, the malcontents of big business have no problem utilizing the conveniences their products afford.

Our world lacks focus if sustainability is really a priority. Our government tries to legislate technology like they know what they are doing, yet industries go on promoting the grid, nuclear power, ethanol production, mining, oil and gas production, and seemingly benign technologies like solar and wind energy that gets pumped into the grid. They all have their problems because they have all been developed as temporary solutions. In the short-term we have no choice but to use existing technologies, but industries discourage the advancement of better solutions to maintain their economic advantage.

Technologies of course become obsolete all the time as new and better products enter the market. With energy, CHP (combined heat and power) systems that run on natural gas could prove to be a stopgap solution toward independence from the grid because of reliability and 90+% efficiency. However, true energy independence won’t come until privately owned on-site solar production and storage systems are competitive and built to last a hundred years or more. Given time, technology can make autonomous living affordable if people see the advantage of being free from mass infrastructure, which will continue to be a hard sell until energy becomes unaffordable from the grid. At current efficiency of about 30%, the grid is unsustainable and doomed by its design.

It is possible to become totally independent of the grid by building sustainable autonomous superstructures (OsumPODS). Once we become self-sufficient enough to survive, we could be mostly independent of government in the event it fails. With this different approach, which is far less complex and easier to monitor, we wouldn’t have to worry about the grid or Washington getting their act together.  Unfortunately, both our current government and the grid will be a continuing annoyance until they fail, and of course, the function of both will have to be replaced. One can only hope that the end result will be something better.

There is always the possibility that Washington will get its act together, and the electrical grid will get updated and become somewhat more reliable and more efficient. Still, we will always be on the brink of disaster, and any improvement in either is a short-term solution at best. The electrical grid and Washington are about on par for being wasteful, and both have no problem demanding more money when they have shortfalls. With both, the future looks pretty grim.

It seems that passing the buck onto future generations is okay as long as we get to live our lives with all the perks the politicians promise. It seems that the perks will have to end before the majority will wake up to the fact that Washington is a fraud with no real answers on how to fix our problems, nor the guts to deal with reality and be truthful with the American people.

The most probable outcome for the future is that all institutions and systems will evolve out of necessity, but without realistic sustainable goals, there is no guarantee that the cycle won’t repeat itself with the same dire consequences for man and the environment that we are currently facing. It is time to focus on the individual instead of the masses. Give a man the tools to survive on his own and he will. Give a man food and shelter and he will stop hunting and building.

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