OsumPODS: The acronym deciphered Part 1

(Optimal sustainable unishell modular Perpetually Operable Detached Superstructure(s))


OsumPODS vs. the status quo:

When you look at conventional construction and code, it is clear the development of standards has been a process of evolution where amenities have been added to structures over time for convenience and typically buried into the framework. The construction industry as a whole, from architects and engineers down to laborers stuffing insulation into cracks, have no great incentive to build something better. It is not the goal of the construction industry to erect structures that will last for centuries, withstand the perils of nature, and provide a means to survive autonomously. It is not the goal of the construction industry to make families or communities independent of mass infrastructure, prosper without world commerce, or become less subservient to bureaucrats and the taxes they impose.

Construction of conventional structures, although basic in function, are extremely complex in that they require the assemblage of hundreds of thousands of pieces, and are thus very labor intensive. The complexity is compounded by the fact that amenities such as energy supply, plumbing, and environmental control are all added with little consideration for upgrades, expansion, or repair, and almost no consideration for independence from the infrastructure and the lifetime cost for having those amenities supplied by businesses that will demand what ever price the market will bear. Also, there is little consideration for the longevity of things like wiring or piping. Although they may last in excess of fifty years, the fact is that renovation of conventional construction can be so costly that it is all too often more cost effective to gut or demolish the structure.

At no time have structures and all of the components been engineered from scratch with the idea that the walls, storage, display, fixtures, appliances, lighting, energy supply and storage systems, water collection and filtration systems, environmental control systems, and other amenities would be independent modular units creating an integrated system with unlimited flexibility in layout. The concept of spray-casting unishell modular units with robotics, and fitting such units with modular components is a strategy conceived to modernize the construction industry so it may offer more affordable, more adaptable, more survivable, less polluting structures.

In the concept of building OsumPODS, cost, maintenance, renovation, retained value, liability, safety, comfort, security, and the well-being of occupants have all been appraised so that the many deficiencies of conventional construction can be remedied by design. Although there are additional considerations, the primary goal of OsumPODS is to offer autonomy to insure survivability and prosperity in good times or bad.


The purpose of creating a name is to convey some meaning to a product. Many acronyms convey nothing, and only because of branding have most acronyms gained acceptance. Hopefully OsumPODS will gain some appeal in that awesome pods sounds like amazing buildings. In future posts I will expand on the definitions and descriptions for the development of this branding.

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