OsumPODS of the Future

A hundred years is often more than a lifetime. Fifty years seems like a lot, but it is not. In the scale of time, it’s not even a blink of an eye. In my lifetime, now 69 years, advancements in technology have been astonishing. Consider that one hundred years ago, the population of humans on Earth was about two billion and people were getting around in horse drawn buggies. Today we are approaching eight billion. Without technology, eight billion people could not survive. Consider that technology will not be able to prevent the demise of our species if we continue to expand at our present rate of growth. Earth can only support an optimum number of people, and at some point, the human race will be in decline. Our ecosystem will be devistated.

The question we should be asking is have we already reached the point of no return. If not now, how soon? Is there a way to stave off the inevitable?

Independence (autonomy) is one way to insure the survival of the few who embrace a new outlook of the future. There is of course no reason that mankind in general cannot see the logic, but the world is controlled by special interests that could care less about logic. As long as you can make profits selling gas and coal, investors are going to make sure that the general public remain dependent upon these resources. Too few give a rats ass about the future because we are too myopic to see the inevitable demise of our ecosystem.

If men generally lived a thousand years or more, there would be no way we could afford to be so foolish. We simply wouldn’t have breathable air at the end of our lifetime. Are we willing to condemn our species to the inevitable, with hopes that we’ll suddenly see the light and solve all our problems? We can only hope since we live in a world where half the population believe our demise is preordained. Can we be anymore stupid?



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