Japan: Nuclear disaster demonstrates lack of foresight

When we build we are well aware that catastrophe can strike. People gamble anyway, but as in all gambles, there are losers. Ultimately, the loss of the Fukushima Dalichi power plant near Okuma, about 250 kilometers north of Tokyo, may prove to be more costly in terms of suffering than all of the devastation combined in the Japanese quake.

Man depends upon mass infrastructure, but doesn’t need to. Mass infrastructure is more about making money than providing man with the means to survive and prosper. Mass infrastructure is all about making people dependent. The problem with mass infrastructure is that when disaster does strike, then lives are needlessly put in jeopardy.

Nuclear reactors are the biggest gamble we can take. Radiation is poison. Enough radiation can potentially ravage Earth. Although it is unlikely, even in a nuclear holocaust that all life on Earth will be completely destroyed, the long-term effect of radiation may prove to be more than our species can tolerate. Nuclear energy may prove to be man’s greatest folly.

Radiation isn’t always lethal, but the doses that can potentially leak from a reactor meltdown can lead to unimaginable suffering and birth deformities. Proponents of nuclear reactors should be held liable for the needless suffering that may result from such a disaster.

Building OsumPODS totally eliminates the need for energy to be supplied via the grid, thus eliminating the vulnerability of a system that is destined to failure, and a huge contributor to the world’s pollution. Generating and storing energy at the point of usage will prove to be far more efficient, and almost fail proof in disasters.


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