Is God a Moron?

I quite often find myself at odds with the Christian faith, which in reality is a multiplicity of faith communities with no united viewpoint, which was pointed out by a colleague who I consider an authority. I’m quite sure that if I lived in the Middle East, I’d find myself at odds with the Muslim faith. In general, religions perceive an all-knowing God whose teachings must be followed. I’ve always had difficulty putting my convictions into illogical gibberish, and I remain forever perplexed that so many people do.

I have a very good friend who once told me that his conviction to Jesus Christ was insurance for his soul. I can’t believe that God, if he exists at all, would judge a soul by its convictions. If I were God, I would judge men by their actions, not their beliefs or what they profess, and so the God I choose to believe in, indeed has to be all knowing and quite infallible. To say with certainty that such a God exists or doesn’t exist is ludicrous.

In my search for truth, which I believe should be every man’s endeavor, I examine the world and what man has accomplished. In all that we do we should be cognizant of the future. It is apparent we are not. If we are to be judged, we will certainly be judged for our lack of perceptiveness.

If you believe in the Bible and also believe that God orchestrated the writing of the Bible, then God must be a moron. God cannot be who he is supposed to be and have things so fundamentally wrong. If God wanted to send a message to prove his existence, then he certainly wouldn’t have orchestrated the Bible to start “In the beginning . . .”, for this insinuates that before this happening there was nothing.

If you believe that space is infinite, which must be a truth of pure logic, then you also have to believe that time is eternal. Eternity runs both directions, and God would know this. Beginnings are only births, as endings are only deaths. They are points in time and nothing more. Earth certainly began, and it will certainly die, and life on it may certainly perish at the hands of man, but time has always been here. It didn’t just start because God got bored with the void.

Space is indeed infinite, and no doubt there are other big bangs out there, logically an infinite amount prior to our own big bang, with more going on than we can ever imagine. God isn’t out there waving his magic wand. If God exists at all, he must be the energy of life. There is no other purpose of God. He is not the creator; he is the essence. If we indeed have souls, then those souls are connected to life, nothing else, and thus we must be cognizant of life. We must be the stewards of life. We must believe that we are a part of God as all living things are, or aren’t, whichever the case may be.

It doesn’t really matter how we got here, or why, or what happens when we die. What matters is how we live. We have the power to recognize the truth, and with logic perpetuate our species and all living things so that God, if he exists, can survive in the essence of life.


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