Independence (part 3)

The Status of our Future:

The potential for disaster with millions upon millions of people suffering, hinges upon the decisions made by a very small group of people. Be assured that many of the decisions being made are wrong. Unfortunately, our future depends upon making a great percentage of right choices. We are at the mercy of governments and big business, and their first priority isn’t saving the environment or making individuals independent.

As we build OsumPODS, and as that becomes the preferred way to build, then those that have adopted these ideas and gained their independence are far less at risk from bad decisions made by government and business. It is a way for people to live their lives as they see fit.

Does that mean that people suddenly quit working toward common goals? Does it mean that we are magically immune to government and the needs of the masses? The simple answer is no, but the influence of government and the needs of the masses will gradually be diminished so that supporting government will be less of a burden.

Perhaps a greater concern than government is the power obtained by multinational corporations. Some global businesses become so powerful that they are able to dictate to governments how things will be done. Many good ideas are put to rest that threaten the status quo. Of course, such companies project an image of being your friend, and in reality they do provide a needed service or product or they wouldn’t be in existence. However, when better ideas threaten their profit, there is nothing they won’t do to guarantee their future.

It is hard enough for an individual to even care about government and big business, let alone make then accountable. We are all attuned to our own plight on this planet. Because individuals face risk, they seek solutions. About the only solution for people today is to become independently wealthy, which is a large part of the problem we face as a species. Seeking wealth for wealth’s sake is like a disease. There should be no need for people to become independently wealthy. If people simply become independent in OsumPODS, it should take very little wealth to be happy and secure. It should take very little money to have true wealth.

In using OsumPODS logic, there are numerous steps we must take. First is disconnecting individuals and business from mass infrastructure. Next is to decentralize the manufacture of all the basics we need to survive. Each community should have the capacity to exist in this world with very little trade. Does this mean we should eliminate trade? There is probably no circumstance where each community, no matter how big, can be competitive at producing every item everyone desires. We can’t have a steel mill in every town. Perhaps there is no need to have one in every State, but in the case of the United States, it makes little sense to be importing such a basic material. It makes no sense to be importing food, or most of our clothes and shoes from China.

Instant gratification has driven mankind to produce megatons of junk to be distributed by mega stores around the globe. Is outsourcing the manufacture of basic products such as shoes, clothes, television sets, or thousands and thousands of other products overseas the answer? It’s probably not.

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