Independence (part 1)

Redirecting our future:

The worldview touted by many professed great thinkers in reality places individuals near the status of ants. It appears President Barack Obama embraces more government, and views world government as the ultimate solution to most of man’s problems. The United States may well be on the road to a new world order where all people fall under the scrutiny and powers of covert organizations that are answerable to no one.

Too often such ideas are touted as the solution to bring world peace and the salvation of humanity. In reality, it is predictable that the design of such schemes is to turn individuals into mind numb robots placated with consumerism. It is a plan long in the making that will keep a stranglehold on the world by a few incredibly powerful and rich men. Unfortunately, such schemes depend upon a global economy. Make no mistake, our global economy is a disaster in the making. The future may see our cities in ruin.

Finding cheap labor in depressed economies to produce inferior goods does nothing more than promote consumerism for the sake of consuming. Cheap isn’t the answer. There is no way to improve the wealth of humanity by producing garbage. No matter how fancy we make our storefronts, it’s what’s inside them that is important.

Striving to obtain independence is a complicated issue. We as individuals could never reach the quality of life we have without the labor and inventiveness of other people. Quality of life is a collective effort. So, what then is the purpose for each of us to seek independence? The answer of course is basic. Survival is the law of the jungle, and if we as a species hope to survive, I believe we must embrace a philosophy of governing and commerce that allows individuals to achieve autonomy. Building OsumPODS would be the foundation to achieve that goal.

We must come to grips that the collective must not become so powerful that the individual is reduced to insignificance. It should be the choice of the collective to make all individuals significant, and to work toward a goal to facilitate individuals to become as self-sufficient as possible.

Knowing that circumstance plays a part in human life, the question then is how do we improve circumstances for individuals and thus the future of humanity? How do we go about securing our future? Once again, it is clear that self-reliant people will improve their circumstance in spite of government.

There are teachings embraced by certain factions of people around the world in every culture that have fundamental flaws, and when those flaws are ignored or embraced, then they in turn proliferate into our way of socializing, doing business, and governing our nations. One of the major problems we face as individuals is the general consensus of how we must interact with other individuals because of societies and their institutions, i.e. the rules, regulations and laws we must obey. This is part of heritage or circumstance if you look at it that way. Unfortunately, the major discrepancies and flaws that are retained from heritage continue to influence laws, rules and regulations, and ultimately all the decisions we make. Imposing cultural standards carte blanche tends to create strife between factions.

It must be clear that all individuals don’t embrace the same ideas and ideals. Fortunately, different beliefs create a balance, although unfortunately sometimes they create conflict. I find myself in conflict with much of what I witness. I have made it a personal quest to search for truth and logic. The truth is, humanity is on a collision course with the future, and planet Earth is suffering the effects of our choices.

If we don’t embrace the future, then we have no future. If we believe that our future is preordained, then the only point of living is for self-gratification and hope that in our death we find something better. Does that make any sense? Do we spend our lives trying to buy insurance for our souls?

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