High Park fire, Colorado fireproof structures

Although homes have survived the High Park fire, it is more a matter of luck or good ground maintenance that has saved the structures, not their imperviousness to fire. Fireproof structures are rare, and probably have limitations that prevent them from being ideal homes.

The concept home pictured in the fire is a unishell modular superstructure or OsumPODS. The futuristic concept employs robotics to spray cast unishell modules from high strength concrete. The structures are not only fireproof, but are designed to float in floods, slide on a slip plane foundation in the event of an earthquake, and to be impervious to tornados and other natural or manmade disasters.

Such structures will be self contained, thus producing and storing their own energy, collecting, storing, and recirculating their own water, and potentially growing food and producing a semi-biospheric environment. To read a fictional novel about OsumPODS, checkout The Future Teller, and soon to be published sequel, The Future Shaper. All Michael Atman books are available from your favorite eBook retailers. Visit www.MichaelAtman.com and link to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iTunes.

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