Hexagon form in Architecture

OsumPODS in my current design are hexagonal, and thus have a visual characteristic not common in architecture. Add in landscaping with right angles, and the effect is even more noticeable.

OsumPODS luxury 2a In this golden hour depiction, note that what you might expect to be shadowed in the structure is not. This is because of the 120 degree angle instead of 90. I am not an architect by trade, but have always had an interest and a love of design. So much of architecture is dolled up (made more ostentatious) simply to make it interesting. Here simplicity creates all the interest I desire.

OsumPODS are conceived to be sustainable independent eco-friendly environments where inhabitants can prosper in comfort and safety without insurance or dependence on mass infrastructure. No doubt someone will point out that natural gas is being burned in this illustration, but this is only for effect. In a practical world you wouldn’t waste anything, but we haven’t gotten there yet. Perhaps OsumPODS will help us get there.

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