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Living in Colorado has afforded some great outdoor activities. Years ago when most trails were open to trail bikes, I did quite a bit of exploring, especially in the Sangre  de Cristo mountains. Even in the mid seventies, it was alarming to me to see trash in pristine places where packing in was a chore. Most common items were beer cans and liquor bottles, and empty packs of cigarettes. It has always given me a distaste for people with nasty habits, for they seem the most uncaring. I bring this point up because one of the primary focuses of building OsumPODS is to help make our environment pristine again. Unfortunately, nothing will change without an attitude adjustment.

People need to care for the sake of caring, not because we are dooming future generations, or because we are concerned that it might be sinful. We shouldn’t have to be motivated to care for fear of getting a fine from a forest ranger or going to hell. We shouldn’t have to have forest rangers handing out tickets. A healthy environment is paramount for our species to be healthy, and I dare say that many of our worst afflictions come from the poisons we spread and consume. We can’t expect to trash the world and not face any consequences.

Isolating our activities from the environment is a way too control the poisons we create, and perhaps eliminate the need to create many of the poisons we use, such as pesticides. Eliminating mass infrastructure that is almost always highly inefficient can reduce the pollution we create substantially. OsumPODS can help. Autonomy is the answer.

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