The Value of OsumPODS

Driving the Market:

The monetary value placed on products, tangible or intangible, has more to do with perceived value than actual cost. Certainly, cost is a factor in every product we produce, but market determines the value and thusly some products are sold at a loss, and some are sold for many times their cost.

Merchandising tactics for the most part drive up the average cost for consumers. Rebates and coupons are a marketing rip-off, as are satisfaction guaranteed policies that tolerate misuse. Products should be sold for a reasonable price without all the nonsense.

Consumers believe that warranties are designed to protect them, when in reality they are designed to protect the manufacturer. Warranties are a cost of business. Warranties are a means for manufacturers to produce substandard products. Extended warranties are nothing more than insurance. They are about as good of a deal as buying lottery tickets.

Many of the merchandising practices that are so common today are a total waste of money, thus a total waste of energy. Value hardly applies when you factor in all the unnecessary costs of getting to market, although some products are a great value because someone somewhere has little choice but to work for next to nothing so someone else can profit.

Value should be measured by the life of a product. Because of marketing practices and accounting for the government for taxes, people perceive that most things should depreciate. This concept or tactic, along with planned obsolescence is part of what drives economies. In the long run it’s a bad deal for everyone. We work hard, demand more, spend more, end up in higher tax brackets, and depreciate junk that eventually ends up in landfills. We wear ourselves out, destroy the environment, and end up with little or nothing. In the end we are worse off than if we’d worked far less and ignored marketing tactics. Driving economies at an extremely high pace only profits manufactures and governments.

OsumPODS Value: 

By design, OsumPODS will have great value. Because the concept is under development, it is impossible to calculate actual cost. However, even if prototypes cost twice as much per square foot as conventional construction, in the life of the structure they will pay for themselves many times over.

In a monetary sense, independence is a commodity. Independence has value. Build independent insurance proof structures that are superior to any construction today, and soon demand will create great value. Since it is conceivable to build OsumPODS, then it is possible. We aren’t talking about yet unknown forces. Certainly technology will create the products once there is enough demand. Building prototypes may lack some of the amenities, but because of the nature of OsumPODS construction, the structures will accept new technologies as they become available without revamping the structure. Unlike conventional construction, OsumPODS will be constructed as a shell without plumbing and with an interior channel molded to accommodate electrical wiring. All components, including interior partitions will be modular.

Because money is our gage for doing most things, it is important to understand cost and long-term benefits. With conventional construction, long-term might mean twenty-five to fifty years. At this point, the average home has been carpeted and painted twice and has had the shingles replaced at least once. If no maintenance has been done, the structure will no doubt be showing signs of neglect. In the life of conventional structures, many are demolished in less than a hundred years, although well built and maintained structures may last for hundreds.

OsumPODS will be designed to last a minimum of a thousand years with little or no maintenance to the basic structure. Certainly components within such structures will be replaced and upgraded. The advantage will be that no structural component will need to be altered.

Ultimately, the question may be will individuals be allowed to purchase their independence by owning OsumPODS. Will governments allow people to remove themselves from the mass infrastructure and the interdependence of world commerce? Are we all little parts of a machine, or are we individuals?

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