Earthquake Proof OsumPODS

Designing a structure strong enough to survive the ravages of an earthquake is near impossible unless they are insulated from the energy. Thus slip plane foundations. OsumPODS are designed to float on a plane that allows movement. Conventional building are all anchored to the ground except on some very sophisticated buildings that have been built in areas highly prone to earthquakes where the added expense is justified. In the slip plane design of OsumPODS, the pit and pedestal configuration should not significantly increase the cost of building, especially if OsumPODS are built with robotics.

Note in the image depicted, the collapsed structurer on the left, with the OsumPODS on the right with shuttered windows. There would be no guarantee that landscaping wouldn’t be damaged, but that isn’t a primary issue. The fact the OsumPODS would be self-contained with it’s own energy and water supply would mean it would not be dependent upon mass infrastructure which is often damaged in severe earthquakes.

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