Devastating Storm Sandy

The debate continues about the severity of Sandy being caused by manmade global warming, and of course this is a political issue that divides this country. The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle of the positions taken by the Democrats and the Republicans. Global warming can’t be all bad. The real problems are the actual poisons we are putting into our environment, and if global warming is in the news, the general public isn’t going to concern themselves with the real issues. If global warming is the real issue, why aren’t we better prepared? Why aren’t we building things like electric cars and OsumPODS?

Politics aside, it really won’t be the government that solves the problems related to the devastation of storms like Sandy. It will be the foresight of people who realize that autonomous superstructures (Pictured above: Note: Flooded houses to right and floating OsumPODS to left) will be the best insurance for survival when such devastation occurs. It will be those that don’t depend upon mass infrastructure that will be able to get on with their lives with some degree of comfort in the aftermath of such destruction.

Prior to mass infrastructure, such a storm would have had little effect on the inhabitants in its path. Certainly there is always some suffering and discomfort, but the effort to recover could have been minimal. Unfortunately, what we witness is a gross misuse of technology. When we create solar or wind energy, what do we do? We pump clean energy into a dirty and wasteful grid that is susceptible to failure.

At source energy production doesn’t have to be highly efficient to be many times more efficient than the system we have. Seventy percent of our energy is wasted delivering energy through the grid.

Energy of course is only one of our problems. Water and treatment of soiled water is also a tremendous problem. In autonomous superstructures, water will be continuously recycled, and waste will be turned into fertilizer. Human waste will never be mixed with the water.

There is nothing keeping us from designing and building superstructures that are detached from mass infrastructure, so sound that they will be earthquake proof, fireproof, hurricane proof, and even tornado proof. Homes and other structures will be so safe that people will flee to them instead of away from them. This is the future. This is how we distance ourselves from government. This is how we make self-sufficient communities.

There will probably always be a need for government, and it will probably always make sense to have highly productive factories to make goods, but there need not be a world economy where cheap goods come from taking advantage of the impoverished. Technology can end that burden, and every community can have the ability to produce its own food, clothes, and shoes, plus all the things we need to survive, and even some of the creature comforts we have become so dependent upon. It can be done without raping people or the environment.

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