Debate on Nuclear Reactors could be terminated by building OsumPODS

What posses man to build something like the Fukushima Dalichi power plant near Okuma, about 250 kilometers north of Tokyo? To put a single reactor on the coastline is highly suspect. To put six in one facility is asinine beyond belief. If one reactor is contaminated, how are you supposed to service the remaining reactors?

People need their heads examined. The whole idea of mass infrastructure is to create dependency. It’s a business ploy. Build OsumPODS and make people energy independent and then there is no need of the grid or nuclear energy. Stop stringing high-tension power lines or high voltage transmission lines across the world. Generate and store energy at the point of usage.

Energy has become a vital component of modern life. No one is going to do without. No one should. The problem of letting power companies control energy production is that there is no alternative, thus no competition. With all power companies interconnected, the chances for failure are eminent. Terrorists know this.

Loss of power is seldom more than an inconvenience, but what may be an inconvenience to you may be a real hardship on others. A factory that is shut down can loose enough production to be put out of business, or at least end up in the red. When areas experience brownouts or blackouts, multiply the loss by all consumers and you start to get the big picture. It costs the world billions in not trillions of dollars every year, but is still considered just one of those things you have to contend with.

For the most part power companies do a good job, but that still doesn’t mean we should continue developing mass infrastructure. The idea doesn’t make sense. Generate and store energy at the point of usage, and even if disaster strikes, only the structure that is housing the system is affected. Everyone else goes on about their business.

The world is vulnerable to disasters, war, and terrorist threats because we continue to put all our eggs in one basket. The more complex the systems we build, the more susceptible we are to loss. Energy isn’t the only system that is vulnerable, but is perhaps the one that needs fixed first.


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