Building OsumPods Part 3 (Design)

Although I love architecture, I have no way of being able to predict what sort of structures will end up on our landscape. Certainly there will be monstrosities from some points of view. However, if form follows function, and the geometric shapes that lend themselves to efficient and strong modules are incorporated into our buildings, then certainly such architecture will be recognized as better, if not more pleasing.

Without such goals, the world is destined to stumble along facing one tragedy after another. How often have we heard politicians spout energy independence without making this a goal? Our world is so full of rhetoric and so devoid of action, is it any wonder that we find ourselves at the end of an era with no real plans for our future?

Building OsumPODS is neither grandiose nor simple. It is merely logic that gives architecture a breath of fresh air. It places demands that have never been met before, but not so complex that they are impossible to implement. Ships float, so why not structures. Rocks last for millions of years, so why can’t structures last for thousands? Rocks don’t burn except at extremely high temperatures, so then why should structures? Designing to not require hazard insurance is a new demand, but certainly a logical goal to keep from wasting money.

The hexagonal forms as depicted in the modular configurations adapt very well to many demands. Hexagons have advantages over squares and rectangles including more space with less exposure. Like sizes interlock completely, unlike more complex shapes like octagons. They are a proven design in nature, yet are seldom used in architecture. It is a compelling form to shape the future.

The shape of OsumPODS will no doubt find many variations, but the criteria to produce structures that can withstand the perils created by both man and nature will ultimately define the products that will come to market. The materials needed to produce insurance proof structures capable of lasting thousands of years may not yet be available, but for the interim, we can certainly spray cast unishell modules with concrete that will out perform any structures that currently exist.

First we must consider the perils and design prototype structures that can survive them. Then and only then will we be able to convince the government, the lending institutions, and the insurance companies that the benefits are worth the effort. It will be imperative that when OsumPODS are finally produced and put to the test, they must perform to the standards that they are designed for. To meet these goals with an affordable product will be the ultimate challenge.

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