Building a Better Tomorrow: Introduction to OsumPODS (part 2)

World Commerce:

Demographic trends continue to move toward global interdependence for human survival. In an increasingly volatile world, it is not a desirable trend to be in. Frequent meltdowns in the stock market are a sure indicator that we’re on the wrong track. US manufacturers would currently be hard pressed to supply such basics as shoes and clothing for this nation. Because US businesses fail to compete in a global market in many areas, our trade deficit continues to grow, propelling this nation toward trade deficit bankruptcy. In the event we fail to curb our appetite and balance our trade, economies around the world could potentially collapse with our own, and the consequences will be devastating for many populations. In such an event, how long will it take to rebuild our factories to supply basic needs, and what will such basics cost?

Although there’s no certainty that world markets will ever collapse, the strategy to become self-sufficient is a practical move for all of the obvious reasons. Those best suited to survive are most likely to survive, and with OsumPODS you could prosper in comfort in good times and bad. Although survival is a primary goal, it is only one of the benefits. Saving Earth in the process will prove to be more important in the long term. Unfortunately, for some it is hard to see the benefit in the short term. A day will come too soon that will demonstrate the folly of our ways. In the event of a major catastrophe such as the collapse of world economies or a pandemic, if too few are prepared, then panic will undoubtedly engulf the world, and the consequences may be far more dire than anyone can predict.

The global scene for the most part seems distant. Power struggles for ideological rhetoric, or for fossil fuels that are destined to be supplanted by technological advancements, or misguided military actions can all have devastating outcomes. With OsumPODS you can obtain a degree of immunity to things you have no power to circumvent. As whole communities adopt this logic and build in this manner, the less susceptible they will become to political unrest. If a whole nation were to adopt this logic, then that populace would no longer depend upon the rest of the world for energy, food or basic necessities. By building a foundation of independent communities, you change the scope of the world and the way it interacts.

The cold war is an example of one nation (the United States) having deeper pockets than another nation (the Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics), and ultimately spending that nation into bankruptcy in an arms race. Were those in power banking on that outcome? Be assured that the world recognizes the habits of the American consumer, and realizes our insatiable compulsion to buy junk. Consider that China is knowingly feeding us cheep goods until we pop, so that they may gain the status as the worlds leading super power. Our government has put us in a very vulnerable position, and our situation continues to become more precarious with time. Isn’t it time to change our habits? Isn’t it time to build communities that can survive and prosper on their own? Isn’t it time to strip some power from governments before they implant us with microchips and monitor our every move?

In general terms, OsumPODS is a concept that will help individuals solve their own problems rather than having government assume the burden. Because OsumPODS will be energy and water independent and capable of producing some food and providing a sustainable existence to family units, this helps individuals become less dependent on goods and services from other communities and around the world. As such communities become more self-sufficient and able to move away from global interdependence, they in turn help individuals weather both local and global recessions and other pitfalls. It is a concept that works from the bottom up instead of the top down.

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