Building a Better Tomorrow: Introduction to OsumPODS (part 3)

Governmental and Societal Evolution:

There are no certainties in this world beyond death and taxes. Why taxes? We live in a world where governments limit individual freedom in exchange for security and services. Are we getting a good deal, or are governments in reality most of the problem? What if individuals required less security and fewer services? What if people could provide for themselves and be less dependent upon governments? In proposing the implementation of a concept that promotes self-sufficiency, it is clear we can take a step in this direction, and conceivably solve many global problems in the process.

Finding fault for the ills of society is easy. Finding workable solutions is quite another issue. Legislating change seems to be the common practice, but seldom produces the desired results. Why? It’s a top down solution. It’s the heavy hand of government telling you how, and then demanding you foot the bill. The bottom up solution puts individuals first. Building OsumPODS is a bottom up solution. Strengthen the individual and you strengthen society. There is no reason to delve into the reasons why governments to varying degrees repress individual freedoms. It is only important to know that they do and that building off grid superstructures can reverse this trend.

History has demonstrated many times how societies and governments grow until they collapse. It is not conclusive that the fate of the United States will follow this trend, but it is clear that we are certainly on a track to self-destruction. Building OsumPODS is a concept that can potentially reverse this trend by slowing down economies and significantly reducing the size of governmental agencies. It does not guarantee that local manufacturers will be able to economically produce everything individuals desire; however, if communities produce more of their needs, then what they cannot produce will be less of a burden. Money will become far less of a factor as we move away from consumerism. Such off grid communities will help individuals pursue real wealth instead of false wealth and improve the quality of life for everyone. It will give individuals the opportunity to invest in their dreams.

Because our communities model the current trend in global economies, and because our building industry is driven by demand to produce at risk structures, there is little hope in averting potential man-made or natural catastrophes without adopting new strategies. By developing and building structures that can potentially last for thousands of years that are independent and insurance proof, OsumPODS will create an environment for people to thrive with far less worry. This is not to say that individuals will become totally immune to all disasters or to war or terrorism, but as things stand, we are basically 100% reliant on insurance and government for such protection.

As such independent communities become established worldwide, this will have a tendency to stabilize the entire world. The end result will not only be less government, but governments that will be able to concentrate on social welfare without overtaxing individuals and businesses. It will also mean that individuals will require less insurance, and hopefully a trend will build that will eliminate all but catastrophic insurance, and people in general will foot their own bills. If there are fewer systems to milk and defraud, then the philosophy of building OsumPODS can help create a more honest society.

In building OsumPODS, I advocate the total dismantling of power and water distribution systems, to be replaced with individual production, storage, and recycling systems. It will not be an easy task, but ultimately a solution to many of the problems created by current systems. The solution of course cannot be responsible for creating new problems that could also be detrimental to the environment, and thus the need of research, debate, and infallible logic. Become a participant. This is your future.

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