Building a Better Tomorrow: Introduction to OsumPODS (part 1)

The Problem:

We are witness to technological innovations of astonishing diversity. The digital revolution, computers, communications, biotechnology, robotics, and many other scientific endeavors have leapfrogged humanity into a new era. With so much emphasis on advancing technologies, why are we so married to fossil fuels and stick built housing? Where have our advancing technologies really taken us? Although we are living longer, are we healthier, happier, more secure, less stressed, or more independent? Is Earth more pristine and its biodiversity growing? The answers are an emphatic no.

Do we as a species evaluate where we are headed? Is there some master plan to insure that we attain a sustainable existence? Answers to these questions are as diverse as all the subcultures that inhabit this planet and the millions of entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, and other people trying to solve a myriad of problems. There is no roadmap to the future. So the question is, why not? If statisticians can make insurance companies wealthy, then surely we have a knack at analyzing the future. If we know that demands will outstrip supplies, then why not explore and employ viable alternatives? Why not embrace a totally new approach that will ultimately give individuals independence? Why not embrace OsumPODS, a building design concept that will produce autonomous shelters to withstand floods, fires, tornados, earthquakes, and more, that will last for thousands of years and will be simple to upgrade without demolition or repairs.

OsumPODS Crystal copy

The solution: Building OsumPODS:

Autonomous living is a concept that will potentially help people gain independence from social unrest, famine, pandemics, and economic instability. It is a design that incorporates practical ways to abandon current practices that are proving detrimental to the environment. Modular configurations will produce their own energy, filtrate and recirculate air and water, will have the facility to supplement food production, and will be virtually indestructible, thus not requiring hazard insurance. Modular designs will adapt to higher density layouts in multiple cluster configurations that will actually allow for more open land within off grid communities. Such communities will be designed to incorporate a more thorough mix of business and residential properties, thus enabling people to work and shop in and near their homes. It is a concept that breaks with trends of ever expanding cities, and changes the scope of most everything we do.

Welcome to my world. I have been dreaming about OsumPODS for twenty years, and actively working on solutions for the past ten. Although I envision innovations that need research and development, there is nothing keeping us from building OsumPODS today. So, stay tuned and be a part of the future.

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