Anarchy in America

Although it may be true that being a cog in a well-lubricated machine is the simplest way to obtain a high standard of living, it is imperative that we use common sense and realize that the more interdependent we become, the more we are at risk when the machine breaks down. It is becoming increasingly apparent that America, and the world as a whole, has tried to solve its problems by becoming a huge machine, and that parts of the machine are due to failure because of neglect or inadequate engineering. The solution for many is to fix the machine, while the practical solution may be to abandon the machine and build something better.

While many think anarchy in America is preposterous, there are people all across the political spectrum that are disillusioned by the trend of globalization and the ever-growing intrusion of government into their lives. Also is the realization that America is on the brink of insolvency, which will mean the collapse of the dollar. No matter where you stand politically, chances are you are concerned that civil unrest could turn into conflict with a potential coup against the United States Government. Any attempt to reform our current political system will certainly lead to bloodshed.

While it is impossible to look into a crystal ball and see the outcome, it is becoming apparent that debt will be America’s downfall. Because our government is not compelled to balance the budget, and because there is no great outcry to borrowing because it doesn’t immediately come out of the taxpayers’ pocket, we have allowed our government to sign a death warrant to our freedom and possibly our lives sometime in the near future.

No one can positively conclude that this will be the end of civilization as we know it, but for the losers, it will certainly be their Armageddon. Even though many people are concerned that unrest is the likely outcome of the collapse of the dollar, too few will be prepared when it happens.

Because of mass infrastructure, mass distribution of most commodities, and the government’s ability to control most every aspect of communication in a crisis, chances are that the existing government will weed out any insurrection and the end result will be a dictatorship. There will be some that will be content with that outcome.

There are reasons to prepare for an uncertain future. In the practical sense, it is apparent that there are reasons to continue to have communities of people working toward common goals, and for individuals to have marketable skills. These have been the goals of America since its inception, but because politicians can’t resist playing Santa Clause and then use Robin Hood mentality to insure class warfare, we as a nation have become rift in a vision of the future, with too many being unrealistic to the outcome. Anarchy is a fair possibility.

For some, including myself, nothing short of autonomy will suffice. Knowing survival is possible in relative comfort and safety without dependence upon mass infrastructure, mass distribution of commodities, or the need for currency, is the goal of creating OsumPODS. From there it will be necessary to create optimal communities, large enough to have a complete supply of goods and services, but small enough that the community doesn’t once again become an unmanageable machine that is doomed to failure.

The solution is not simple because it requires a new way of thinking. Make individuals as independent as possible by giving them the tools to survive no matter what happens to society. Putting the individual ahead of society insures the survival of our species. Given time, the outcome of such change will be the stabilization of society since the demands on society will be diminished to the point that lending a helping hand when needed will be a minor drain on any government.

Grand schemes for the most part are a way for people to profit off of other peoples needs and miseries. Such is the world we live in where huge corporations grow to supply energy, food and water, clothing, and all that we consume and desire whether a necessity or a luxury. We put ourselves at risk to allow any entity, government or supplier to control what we need to survive. Although some will survive with the failure of big government and big business, the vast majority of civilization is now at the mercy of an idea that has lead to mass dependency so that a few profit at the expense of many. If civilization continues down this road, it is certain we are putting the health of this planet and the future of humanity in the hands of those that may have little concern with the outcome.

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