OsumPODS, the acronym for sustainable living


(Optimal sustainable unishell modular Perpetually Operable Detached Superstructure)

Acronyms are commonplace in our fast paced world, yet often ambiguous to many. If you are in the military you are expected to know AWOL, and the consequences of being absent without leave. If you text to your sweetheart you’re sure to use LYL for love you lots. Some acronyms become so used that we forget what they stand for like RADAR for radio detection and ranging. Of course there are words out there like iPod that you think are acronyms that aren’t.

When the idea for autonomous superstructures began and the requirements of building utility free, hazard insurance free, sustainable habitats was conceived, it seemed important to me to come up with a name that resonated to the masses. Since iPod had become so popular, it seemed like a good idea to play off the word since Pod was synonymous with self-contained life support modules. Thus began the process. I liked uPods, but it was taken, and so was SunPods. The more I looked the more I realized that other people liked the idea of playing off the success of Apple.

After awhile I gave up and settled on umPODS, which unfortunately sounded too much like um-Pah-Pah, and I knew I’d never get used to the acronym. Besides unishell modular Permacast Optimal Detached Superstructures lacked sustainable, and Permacast is a registered name. Although Permacast somewhat applies in that the concept for building is to robotically spray-cast modules, Permacast does not fully relate to the objective. Also there is the chance that I’d someday be facing a legal battle in using the word.

OsumPODS is a play on awesome, which I think given time, will play well as people begin to understand the concept. Optimal sustainable unishell modular Perpetually Operable Detached Superstructure or Superstructures relays a good part of the concept of building, living and working in autonomous habitats. That idea has been a priority since day one, when it seemed obvious that independence made much more sense for the future than dependence or interdependence, which could prove to be catastrophic in the event of a great depression or a total meltdown of government, which seems eminent given the financial crisis the United States is in.

Certainly conventional homes could be retrofitted to have backup generators and water storage systems that could at least help people survive in a crisis, but the concept of OsumPODS goes far beyond temporary survival. Yes, there are things to develop to achieve all the criteria of sustainable living, and yes the objective is far easier to obtain if you have cooperative groups of people using the concept to create communities.

When you realize that communities of the past were far more independent than communities of today, you have to ask why? The answer is simple. Opportunists. Yes business venture capitalists took advantage of the fact that people would like a supply of energy to heat and light their homes, and water to drink, bathe, flush a toilet, and wash their clothes, and then a sewer systems to dispose of that dirty water. It all makes sense in the scheme of things, except distributing energy across a vast country is extremely inefficient, polluting, and vulnerable to failure. Water systems are easy to contaminate, and are also very vulnerable to sabotage.

The fact that instances are rare and that it seems inconceivable that people would act in a way to disrupt a nation with fear, doesn’t mean it won’t happen. It would be easy enough to have primary targets and shut down the grid and disrupt major water supply systems with very limited resources. This is much easier than smuggling nuclear bombs into cities. Be assured that terrorists have such plans in place. Be assured that their plans would be foiled if we converted our homes and workplaces to OsumPODS.

The reasons to be individually independent or prepared are so obvious that it is almost impossible to contemplate how we have put ourselves into the position we are now in. We live in a house of cards that is so huge that when it tumbles that most of the world’s population won’t survive. Those that do will face tremendous hardship.

So, from umPODS to OsumPODS I go in hopes that the concept becomes readily accepted and that our nation and the world began to build for the good of the individual. If we begin and one person helps two, and two help four, it wouldn’t be long before the world would be changed, and with it the attitude that our environment is the most precious thing we have, for without a balanced ecosystem we will not survive.

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