Monthly Archives: March 2011

Why solar hasn’t replaced the grid

Solar is free, available everywhere, and totally non-polluting, right? So one wonders why the vast majority of the world is connected to the grid. Could it be that the solar industry is content to be just another supplier to a complex and inefficient system? For solar to ever be the answer, it has to be something besides part of the problem. It has to offer homeowners and businesses energy independence. It will have to have kinetic energy storage systems that […]

Debate on Nuclear Reactors could be terminated by building OsumPODS

What posses man to build something like the Fukushima Dalichi power plant near Okuma, about 250 kilometers north of Tokyo? To put a single reactor on the coastline is highly suspect. To put six in one facility is asinine beyond belief. If one reactor is contaminated, how are you supposed to service the remaining reactors? People need their heads examined. The whole idea of mass infrastructure is to create dependency. It’s a business ploy. Build OsumPODS and make people energy […]

Japan: Nuclear disaster demonstrates lack of foresight

When we build we are well aware that catastrophe can strike. People gamble anyway, but as in all gambles, there are losers. Ultimately, the loss of the Fukushima Dalichi power plant near Okuma, about 250 kilometers north of Tokyo, may prove to be more costly in terms of suffering than all of the devastation combined in the Japanese quake. Man depends upon mass infrastructure, but doesn’t need to. Mass infrastructure is more about making money than providing man with the […]

Earthquake proof structures: Japan’s 8.9 quake

With the 2011 devastation in Japan, earthquakes are once again in the news. Although more powerful, death tolls seem to be strikingly lower than in the January 12th 2010 Haiti quake where estimates of 200,000 deaths have yet to be substantiated. Had such a quake occurred in San Francisco, Los Angeles, or San Diego, no doubt the death tolls could have been in the millions. Statistics show that most people are killed in collapsing structures. In earthquake prone areas, structures […]

The future of transportation in autonomous communities

Transportation & Planning: Today communities require extensive planning, costly infrastructure, and most often more consideration to accommodating automobiles than people. Even with the great deal of attention we give to developing these communities, there is still considerable wasted land and inefficiency inherent in most designs. Much of the problem lies in the concept of segregating residential from needed products and services, schools, libraries, entertainment, and so on. Communities are designed that require mobility to survive. In Silent Wave, I first […]

Is God a Moron?

I quite often find myself at odds with the Christian faith, which in reality is a multiplicity of faith communities with no united viewpoint, which was pointed out by a colleague who I consider an authority. I’m quite sure that if I lived in the Middle East, I’d find myself at odds with the Muslim faith. In general, religions perceive an all-knowing God whose teachings must be followed. I’ve always had difficulty putting my convictions into illogical gibberish, and I […]